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Lake Sevan, Sevanavank and Hayravank Monasteries, and Noratus Khachkar Cemetary. Travel Budget per day (Single Traveler) – $30-$500 – The aforementioned price includes your living costs, food, and personal expenses. They have an amazing cuisine that will leave you wanting for more. From Yerevan you can get to literally every place in Armenia within a day. You can visit a lavish one if you have lots to spend, or a local kind, where you can spend less but still have a good time. Perhaps this information is outdated. It is normal that tax / service is added, but especially with European / American tourists restaurant owners tend to add many other things (in Armenian language) to the bill or do not specify the bill at all, but only present you with a total amount that you have to pay. Expect to pay 1200 to 1500 Dram for a vegetable salad of your choice, a piece of meat and fried potatoes or buckwheat. [2] Artak Oseyan managed the club during the 2017–18 Armenian First League season.[3]. (November 2015 was very easy, but took 2.5 hours in total). Choosing Saryan Street for this event is linked to the city’s first wine bar—In Vino—which opened six years ago (today there are more than a half dozen wine bars in Yerevan). Negotiate to have the certificate delivered to you as part of the purchase price, and buy your rug a week before you go to give them time to obtain this certificate. The rating is provided keeping in mind all the aforementioned factors. Plastic coins needed to enter (but not to exit) the system can be purchased at each station's manned booth. Check at the railway station. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. I drank his zesty 2018 Trinity Eh Voskehat white wine. You will be able to find affordable and comfortable accommodation with ease within the capital city. At 100 dram (US$0.33) a ride in Yerevan, they are a bargain. They have a sweet personality that makes it significantly easier for you to approach the girls. It can be a challenging task to approach and pick up girls during the daytime in Yerevan. Beer is available in the majority of restaurants in Yerevan, and starts from $2 per pint. For other football clubs named Ararat, see, Gor Malakyan left Feniks and returned to his home country (Гор Малакян покинул Феникс и вернулся на родину), "Հայտնի է Հայաստանի Առաջին խմբի առաջնության խաղացանկը – Սպորտային լուրեր | 2017–18 Armenian First League matches", "Վարդան Մինասյանը նոր պաշտոն ունի. Pay attention at bars / clubs that are (almost) empty, for example during the week or in low season and when going out with foreigners only. There is currently one Mosque on Mashtots Ave. It is the quickest way around town, and at 100 dram (less than US$0.30), the cheapest aside from walking. Armenian girls love to be treated well! This graph may help you to bet on BKMA Yerevan matches, but be aware of that SofaScore LiveScore accepts no responsibility or liability for any financial or other loss, be it direct or indirect, as a result of any action reliant on any of this website’s content. A nice walk if you like nature and not cars, is through the Hrazdan gorge on the margins of the city center. The most ideal date activities are taking them out to restaurants or cafes and having a peaceful time together. The people of Yerevan are highly fond of celebrating and having a good time, so you will see a lot of activity during the nighttime. There is a chance that most of the mature ladies that you will come across in Yerevan will be committed or married. This is nicknamed ‘wine street’ because it is closed only to pedestrian traffic for Yerevan Wine Days—a two-day, free festival focused on showcasing national food and some 200 Armenian wines. "Jazzve Café" is also a wonderful place to meet up with someone for a drink; make sure to try its wonderful strawberry coffee as that is a drink like no other! Large scale construction began, which took a more holistic approach under the new city plan laid out by Alexander Tamanyan. Fountains of Republic Square in Yerevan, Armenia. It's home to over a million people - the largest Armenian community in the world. They will assess you by the first conversation, and if you seem worth it, they will show interest back. Today, the vast majority of Armenians do not attend church each Sunday, with visits revolving around weddings and baptisms, or occasionally dropping in to light a candle. Yerevan has its share of scams. There is a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. Armenian rugs, new and old are a favourite choice. It is also home to some large scale Modern and Post-Modern marvels which are mostly the result of Soviet-Armenian architectural megalomania. Men here are very protective of their wives as well, so if you offend them, you might end up stirring a lot of trouble for yourself. The first impression will determine everything. The border crossing is, of course, an absolute nightmare beyond imagination. The friendly match ended up with a score of 3–1 in favour of Avan Academy. Continuing the tradition of all ex-Soviet underground systems, most of the stations are exquisitely decorated, often blending Armenian national motifs with late-Soviet architecture. Armenian girls have a different mindset and approach, as compared to the western world when it comes to dating and hooking up. This is a less common way of traveling but provides a memorable experience nonetheless. Customized tours are also provided where you can design your own tour. This bus station lies around 5km north of the city center on the Yerevan-Sevan Highway. You can get a bottle of beer for $1 to $2 at a grocery shop. There is metro station right at the train station. The nightclubs are considered to be the most ideal place to meet a girl if you plan on hooking up with a girl. Anglican (Episcopal) Christians congregate at St Zoravor church for Sunday Eucharist. Mobile internet and UTMS are also offered from all companies, as well as the normal full range of wireless services. Just create your free account at SecretBenefits and start enjoying the wide selection of Sugar Babies available. Free Wi-Fi, tasty breakfast and washing machines. the Church of England. These girls like knowledgeable men with good mannerism and decent communication skills. You can get a meal for $5 at a local food joint. Free Wi-Fi access is available in the departure terminal. Make sure you get a ticket early on the day you travel as the lower bunks sell out fast. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Pay when leaving a minibus. Email. Founded 1992 Address Khanjyan 27 10 Yerevan Country Armenia Phone +374 (10) 568 883 Fax +374 (10) 547 173 E-mail On 14 July 2020, Ararat-Armenia defended their Armenian Premier League title, securing their second league title, after defeating FC Noah 2-0. Typically, the younger Yerevan girls are busy with their studies. Yerevan has a wide variety of accommodations but for the most part they are overpriced. Exchanges can be found all over the city, and do not charge a commission – count your money on the spot, though they tend to be patently honest. The girls in Armenia tend to have healthier physiques, with hourglass and pear-shaped bodies. Taxis to Yervan metro back charge about 4000 AMD. Typically, the Yerevan girls like to get married at the age of 24 and the majority of them are virgins until they get married. The city is served primarily by Zvartnots International Airport. Chill out in Yerevan Green Belt. Marshrutka to Karabakh (Stepanakert) costs 5000 dram, departs every hour from 7.00 to 10.00, takes 5 hours. You can learn a bit of Russian or Armenian, and it will help you to engage in conversations with an Armenian girl easily. When the match starts, you will be able to follow Lernayin Artsakh FC v BKMA Yerevan live score, standings, minute by minute updated live results and match statistics. You can find us in all stores on different languages searching for "SofaScore". This was a small dark street with a few computer shops and this wine bar. There is a wide variety of bars and nightclubs in the city. They speak English, Russian, Italian and Arabic. the most alternative bar in Yerevan is Ilik, small lgbt-friendly place on the corner of Mashtots and Pushkin. BKMA Yerevan top scorers list is updated live during every match. The bus is extremely comfortable, a small bag of snacks and water is provided, it stops at least once each side of the border and the scenery is incredible, however it does take about 22 hours. FC Ararat-Armenia (Armenian: Ֆուտբոլային Ակումբ Արարատ-Արմենիա), is an Armenian football club based in Yerevan, founded in 2017. Dishes include ghapama—a festival dish of pumpkin stuffed with rice, apples, honey and raisins; lahmacun—Armenian pizza, without cheese; khorovats, or barbecued vegetables, and gata—a pie with nuts and honey. You will also find hookers or prostitutes who are looking to rob you of your money. Note that this bus number is not written at bus stop signs. The country has one of the highest rates of smoking in the world, every second men is a regular smoker. The most popular is the Tutti Oghi (Mulberry Vodka), but just as impressive if you can find them are the Cornelian Cherry (Hon), Pear, Apricot and Peach. She speaks Armenian, Russian and Persian. Cosy basement bar / dark night club packed on weekends with 25-35 years behaved and fun loving crowd, full dance floor and some tables, contemporary pop-rock-dance-live music, national anthem at midnight and friendly bartenders who occasionally might join dancing with you on the bar. Today the metro operates as a single line, with a shuttle branch and covers 12km (7.5 miles), with trains running every five minutes from 6:30 a.m. till 11 p.m. Due to Yerevan's uneven landscape, the metro in some cases goes above ground. 54 Pushkin Avenue, Yerevan 0002 Republic of Armenia, Discover a culturally and historically rich and beautiful Armenia with a wide range of fun and professional tours offered by Envoy Tours. The families like to see their daughters being treated well and taken care of, so they will be highly selective of the man that she decides to date. Rooms here provide guests with towels and linens, and a shared bathroom with free toiletries. Almost the same as in Tehran. Zvartnots is only 14km from Yerevan city centre by road. Download it for free. Carry some coins to prevent the drivers from telling you that they have no change on them. Pomidoro (8) 5 min $ Italian. Ararat-Armenia's reserve squad play as Ararat-Armenia-2 in the Armenian First League. On foot . Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia that means picking up girls will be easier for you as compared to other cities in the country. A car and driver can easily be rented for day trip outside of Yerevan, for as little as $20 plus gas. If you manage to find the priest you can ask him to bless you and any object (of non-violent usage) that belongs to you (including friendship and other relationships). The fare is 500 AMD. The biggest bus station in Yerevan. English speaking, friendly; coffee and tea are free. The most recommended location to pick up girls during the daytime is: The girls in Yerevan are fond of outdoorsy stuff, so you will spot them around parks and shopping malls quite frequently. Since independence, the city has become the heart of the entire Armenian world, as the divisive communist governments demise has allowed the Diaspora – larger in number than the population of Armenia itself, to embrace the city as its own. They like to date foreign men, due to their dissimilar personalities and looks. They club's inaugural match took place in July 2017 against Erebuni SC. They may have trouble speaking in English, as it is not commonly spoken in Yerevan. This cheap snack consists of a thin layer of dough topped with an herb and meat paste. Up the hill and to the right, it's the small metal door on your left. In April 2013 a new Anglican Chaplain, Fr John Barker, arrived in Yerevan and services of Holy Communion in English take place every Sunday at 18:30. Yerevan was declared as the capital city of the country in 1918, and cultural and commercial hub. It is recommended that you live within the center of the city, where you will find everything you need within walking distance. They also like to visit heritage sites or take a walk in the park, somewhere you both can have a nice conversation and get to know each other. The city has a number of local pharmacies, which will give you access to healthcare whenever you need it. Most of tourist Yerevan is concentrated in the centre. The numbers of the minibuses are written on the bus stations though and the webpage of the tourist information has the whole list with destinations. Central Yerevan is a true jewel of early Soviet architecture. The minibuses are often overcrowded, and you may find yourself standing, crouched without a seat during rush hour. There is also a daily service to/from Tehran and Tabriz. The journey takes approximately 11 hours. When you approach a girl, do so with confidence and sweet-talk to her. In reality, you will discover various types of beauties. You may opt-out by. Another way to get a date or find someone to get laid with is by visiting nightclubs and drinking bars. Check the prices on the hard liquor and wines before ordering a bottle if you’re price sensitive. Fares start at 31 laris per bed (includes sheets, pillow and towel). Despite this, getting in bed with an Armenian girl will be one of the best experiences you will have. The girls in Yerevan have sweet personalities. You can enhance your travel experience by spending a few more bucks. HSBC ATMs usually refuse to recognise non-Armenian cards. Make sure that the driver switches it on when you start and politely remind him to do so if he has "forgotten" it. Easy to reach city center. The mobile service is excellent in Yerevan, with an internet speed of 27.10 MBPS. We couldn’t find a lot of good Armenian wine then, so in 2009 we established our own vineyards. Read more on how to date Armenian women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Yerevan, Armenia. Standard price is a minimum of 500-600 Dram for the first 5 km and than 100 Dram for every further km. Armenian men can be highly possessive of their girlfriends and wives, and if you flirt with someone’s wife or girlfriend, you can get in some serious trouble. But people were happy, and we were surprised., lets you meet local members in Yerevan and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. A tip is to show them that you are intrigued by their culture and beauty, and would like to get to know more about it. Yerevan girls value their family life highly. Yerevan, Armenia, is generally a safe, friendly and vibrant city with attractive architecture and rich history. Buy ticket at Kilikia bus station, 25000 dram (55USD) the same for Tabriz and Tehran. The girls in Yerevan love to go out to bars and nightclubs and drink during the nighttime. Ice-skate with many locals at the Swan Lake (next to the Opera House) during winter months. Strange that all zebra crossings are marked with the word STOP (not at the point where cars start to cross, but at the sides where pedestrians start to cross). Try home stays with Armenian families that rent out rooms. When arriving in Zvartnots International Airport exchange only small amounts for taxi or airport service as the exchange rate at the airport is always poor. BKMA Yerevan live score (and video online live stream*), team roster with season schedule and results. Live score on livescore is automatically updated and you don't need to refresh it manually. It is a lair for melding, toasting, bantering, scheming, celebrating. BKMA Yerevan fixtures tab is showing last 100 Football matches with statistics and win/draw/lose icons. Naturism is not very common, but you will come across a few girls who will be willing to try it. You will be surprised to know that you can get a place in a shared accommodation space for as low as $2 per night. (Statistics from mid-2019 indicate that the city is comparably as safe as Reykjavik or Helsinki.). When you date a Yerevan girl, you might have to put in extra effort to gain her trust before you take her to bed. You may want to use taxis that are the official transport of Zvartnots Airport - AeroTaxi so that in case of losing your baggage, you always know where to find it. The Sugar Baby scene in Yerevan is still quite new but there are a lot of beautiful young girls looking for a Sugar Daddy. You have to put in some thought before you approach girls in Yerevan because once you assess them, it will be way easier for you to take them with you and get them in bed. 5 from Mashots Av. You can click on any player from the roster on the right and see his personal information such as nationality, date of birth, height, preferred foot, position, player value, transfer history etc. Since Yerevan is the capital city, there are reputable institutes in which there is a high population of students. You can get in some serious trouble if you are caught using drugs. To get there take bus 113 or Minibus 101 (both from somewhere on Komitas). Download apps such as GG or Yandex (both similar to uber), makes getting around very easy and cheap for tourists. The residents of Yerevan like to take good care of their physique, so you will notice good healthy routines in their daily lifestyle. In Yerevan, you will find many open-minded girls who are looking for a good time. The nightlife in Yerevan is amazing. Zvartnots International Airport (IATA: EVN) is the main gate to Armenia. Homemade fruit vodkas – these are not flavoured from fruit like most of the western vodkas, they are actually made from pure fruit. More than a hundred minibus (marshrutka, pronounced mar-shroot-kah) routes exist that criss-cross the city and travel to the suburbs and beyond (such as to Georgia or Karabagh). Considering the aforementioned factors, the chances of hooking up with girls at night are significantly higher. In August 2019 it was open every day from 7 am to 9 pm although written opening times stated "9 am to 6 pm" only. Ask locals, and if some of them have it at home, they will drag you in to try. The most popular among the locals are the Paplavok Park (near Moscovyan and Teryan) and the Czerny Fountain Park (near Sayat-Nova and Khanjyan). BKMA Yerevan is playing next match on 24 Sep 2020 against Lernayin Artsakh FC in First League. The city also has a couple of pick up spots, such as nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and such, where you can visit and find girls to hook up with easily. He planned for Yerevan to become a metropolis of 200,000 people. A big festival, with visitors from Russia, the U.S., Austria, France, Thailand, Japan, China. There are a number of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where the Yerevan girls like to hang out at night. [5], On 1 October 2018, Vardan Minasyan was appointed as the new head coach of Ararat-Armenia.[6]. The recommended places for staying in Yerevan are: Yerevan has a good transportation system. In Soviet days Yerevan had already become known as the Pink City as much due to the colour of the stone used for building as for the flamboyant spirit of its young population. A highly famed casino amongst the residents of Yerevan is: Drug use is illegal in Armenia. The girls in Yerevan are appealing to foreign men due to their submissive and feminine personalities, voluptuous bodies and distinctive beauties. Yezidi (pagan religious and ethnic minority in Armenia) religious rituals, as most of that religion, are kept secret. Within walking distance of Republic Square. From walnut preserves, to “Sea Buckthorne” (Chichkhan), virtually everything that grows in Armenia is canned. The girls in Yerevan have an active life, so it will be easy for you to come across a girl who is single and is looking for a good time. Summer is very hot, but the long, late nights at the cafes, and the fruits and vegetables are amazing. The nightlife is highly active and you will come across a number of single and sexy stunners who will be looking for someone to spend their night with. You do not need to do much, just be confident when you speak and look decent, and they will want to get to know you. Nevertheless, as in the most cities of its size, in crowded places and transport beware of pickpockets. The dram (AMD) is the national currency of Armenia. You should still be careful and always use protection when engaging in sexual intercourse with a stranger in the city. Taxis without a logo on the side tend to charge more, and may to try to get more out of foreigners. U.S. citizens can enter Armenia without a visa and stay for up to 180 days. Prices in dorms start from 3000AMD and for private rooms from 9600AMD. They look forward to hearing about your experience and utilize your skills at their firm. The use of drugs is prohibited all across the country. Pay when leaving a bus or trolley. They are typically highly crowded with all types of women. Armenian men tend to be protective of their girls, so you should not display your intentions upfront. These sites have been excavated, and the artefacts found are in museums today. However, after one or two interactions, they will be very welcoming and will treat you as their own. To avoid being ripped off, either call a taxi from a big company or head for the most modern looking ones which usually have a meter. Be sure the seller obtains an export certificate from the ministry of culture for you – or you’re taking a chance that it may be confiscated. It is the largest city in Armenia with a population of 1.075 million residents. Some girls will try to get you to buy them expensive drinks or food, but will show no signs of interests. Simply display your best qualities and they will start liking you. In 2006, a new terminal was opened, where most arrivals and departures are now based. You could end up spending a night in jail! You will see an increased number of girls during recess time, where they are on break from work or educational institutes. More expensive is to take a 30 lari ($20 US) marshutka/minibus but it’s much faster at about 5 hours. Envoy Tours team looks forward to helping you enc, new licensed café - owners Ike a and Maria are very welcoming - up-beath atmosphere , clients very warm and inviting - lots of eclectic music that would suit most tastes, true hospitality, Big residential building with few other bars, discos and shops on 1st floor, enter through the small dark backyard in the right half of the facade; you will hear the music from the street. Kuj Restaurant (15) 8 min $$ - $$$ Armenian. The most ideal places to come across single Yerevan girls are in shopping malls and cafes. The crew speak excellent English, are very knowledgeable and helpful. This page was last edited on 23 February 2020, at 16:26. So pay attention. The scene of Nightlife in Yerevan is quite decent. First hotel built in 1926, has the charm of an old grand hotel with all of the amenities of a modern, upmarket rooftop pool, elegant guestrooms, exquisite restaurant, conference halls, winter garden with 24h bar and other services. Be very careful when you approach them, as displaying your interest or intentions might offend them. The Opera (ՕՊԵՐԱ) is an easy Armenian word to recognize on these signs, and is the main crossing point of many of the lines. You can get a list of these home stays by contacting the Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA). Hooking up with a girl in Yerevan can be tricky, as these girls are more family-oriented. Cascade Complex in Yerevan, Armenia. AMD9000 for single room, AMD6000 for shared room with locker, AMD6500 for room with light breakfast, AMD7000 for full breakfast. A new, large-scale, onion-domed Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Cross is under construction at Yerevan Lake district, visible from the highway coming from the airport. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Washing machine and a laundry service is available. Departure around 12:00. The girls in Yerevan are comparably more Christian, when it comes to the Caucasian population. It is always recommended that you display interest in a girl that seems single or non-committed. A small, budget hostel. You will find various types of beauties in Yerevan with different sets of features, body types and personalities. GG works in many parts of Armenia. You need to be subtle when you approach a girl in Yerevan, as they dislike men who display wrong intentions. Yerevan has numerous small fountains with crystal clear drinking water of the kind that Western entrepreneurs put in bottles and sell. Below are some tips for you that you can use to up your dating game: Armenian girls are as feminine as it gets, with an ooze of sexual appeal! The city also has a small (10 station) underground metro, built by Soviet engineers. Before you come to Armenia, you can speak to a girl near your intended place of stay and ask her if she is willing to meet up and have a good time. Komitas ave 40/1, Yerevan 0051 Armenia. There are about 3,000 dram fine for jaywalking. You will be able to find different types of girls in the metropolitan city, owing to its high rate of tourism. Perhaps this information is outdated. The cafés by the Opera and Republic Square are always packed. The ideal time to show off your status is during the night, where you can lure them in with an expensive drink or food, and get them to come with you. Buses and minivans are the major means of transportation within the country. Another outstanding event on those days was the opening of the Museum of Yerevan foundation at the foot of Arin Berd hill. © 2018–2020 HookUp Travels. Sometimes you can take a shared car from Tbilisi as well. New carpets can be purchased at the Mergeryan Rug Factory for a good price. This presents various opportunities for hooking up. You can even drink in a car – as long as you’re not driving. When heading into Yerevan, they are not unknown to drop you at random spots somewhere in the city, so ask the driver beforehand to drop you at a convenient place. When they are dating you, they will expect you to give them undivided attention and be sincere with them. The hospitable staff of Diana Hotel Complex in Goris is happy to.. more>> Special offers See all offers >> Artsvik Hotel. Located close to the American University and U.K. Embassy this hostel offers free wifi and a huge spacious living room and dining room with access to a open kitchen with all cooking utensils. It goes at Komitas and other central points too and unlike other buses costs 200 dram per person. When you want to get off, you should say “kangnek” or “ijnokh ka” for the driver to hear, or else, just say “stop” in English. Yerevan is a wondrous city where there is a lot happening on a daily basis. There are numerous employment and work opportunities for digital freaks. The overnight sleeper train that runs between Tbilisi and Yerevan is fine. You can sometimes find bottled fizzy tan, which is an even more acquired taste! Fall is the most popular, with perfect weather, and great farm fresh foods. There is no entrance fee ever charged. Our mobile app is optimized for your phone. Armenia, similar to some other post-soviet countries, faces serious problems relating with smoking culture, lack of law regulations protecting non-smokers and poor law enforcement. Stands selling Armenian-style "pizzas" called "lamehjun" or "lahmajoun" are prevalent throughout Yerevan. Before the Cascade is a statue of Alexander Tamanian (1878-1936) an architect who moved to Yerevan to create a … Because the population of the city was only 20,000 a century ago, the vast majority of the Armenians are immigrants themselves, from all over the world.

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