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Il devrait prendre officiellement ses nouvelles fonctions le 10 mai. The spirit of justice is also the basis for equal opportunities and in particular equal opportunity for development for every woman and man through access to education, as I mentioned earlier, to healthcare, food and energy. It will continue as such to work to ensure that no escalation is possible. The Senate elects one of its members as president at the start of each new term, or whenever the position is vacant. We must never sleepwalk through the world which lies before us, we must always remain alert and set high standards. Having said that, Franco-German dialogue must not exclude anyone. And the Libyan people are now suffering because of the decisions we made for them at that point. So it is with these requirements in mind that we must humbly set to work. In this context, the Minister will hold an important meeting on 15 January, and I hope that we will be able to fully deploy the first operations in the coming weeks. Unlike the Speaker the President has a deliberative, but not a casting vote (in the event of an equality of votes, the motion fails). If we are to improve collective security in the region, it is essential to initiate dialogue with Iran, like our dialogue on nuclear energy, to control Iranian ballistic activity, restricting it to what is strictly essential and ensuring that there is no aggressive ballistic activity with medium- and long-range missiles! If there are no other nominations, no election is required, however the Australian Greens in 2005 and again in 2007 put forward Senator Kerry Nettle as a rival candidate when the position of President was vacant. I will continue this work during 2018 with the entire government, France’s remarkable diplomatic and consular network throughout the world and, of course, all of our European partners who contribute fully to these efforts. Although the President does not have the same degree of disciplinary power as the Speaker does, the Senate is not as rowdy as most Australian legislative chambers, and thus his or her disciplinary powers are seldom exercised. It shows, if there were any need, that we were right to think that in Iran’s case, change would not come from the outside. They are going to have to find other sources of finance and they have already started to do so, through trafficking: drug trafficking, human trafficking and arms trafficking. And personally, as Head of State, I cannot explain to the French people that we have not done our utmost to protect them and that, in the name of principles twisted by the same miscreants, we have allowed, for hours, sometimes days, propaganda and odious images to be published on the Internet and reach the most fragile members of our societies. Today this model is becoming fragmented because the middle classes are distancing themselves from it, they no longer find in it their share of success and progress, because doubts have crept in, because capitalism is dysfunctional, because democracies today have accepted hesitations or compromises that have become intolerable. As of 1 July 2019, the base salary for senators is A$211,242. UNESCO is one of the most important showcases for this in the international system. We must therefore ensure that we are successful in Iraq and in Syria and that we bring peace. He or she also receives the various other entitlements and allowances available to senators.[4]. Scott Morrison was chosen as the country's new prime minister by members of Australia's Liberal Party. As I said clearly on the United Nations rostrum in September, our vision of the world is that of multilateralism – in other words, that of a world forged by collective values, rules and actions, and this fight for multilateralism is urgent and necessary. France will therefore play a full role in regaining the strength behind this involvement because it is clearly useful in today’s context. We are therefore fully committed to these operations, and I ask all your countries to provide their support for the G5 Sahel force. We are therefore going to intensify this work. And so, again, we must constantly talk to everyone, and build practical and ambitious solutions. So I would like it to be done in as many countries as possible, but in France it will be done from the spring onwards, under the Prime Minister’s authority and through an organization which the government will specify in the next few weeks. Fighting terrorism also means refusing any naivety as to the determination of extremism and obscurantism to influence minds. Australia, a Commonwealth country, does not have a president. And let us define ourselves by projects, and not by instruments we debate endlessly and sometimes artificially! View the 2018 election exit polls for Senate, House and Governor races, including information on how different races, genders and age groups voted. We fully support this, as I recalled during the United Nations General Assembly in September last year. [5] The deputy president's main tasks are to preside over committees of the whole and to serve as presiding officer when the President of the Senate is absent. And these setbacks also feed into other difficulties faced by the same countries.   Nationalist Party ‹See Tfd› The United Nations, the regional powers, Europe and the United States have a great deal of responsibility in this context and I will fully commit to rebuilding peace in Syria in accordance with the fine line I have just set out. And for all those eligible for protection under the right of asylum, the partnership has enabled us to provide that protection through the overseas operations we have organized since the end of last year, which have been producing their first results in Niger, Chad and Libya. The outgoing Malcolm Turnbull said "a determined insurgency" in his … A crisis of our liberal and open democracies which, in the face of these great world upheavals, can no longer maintain their unity and strength in many countries and are leading a number of peoples to be tempted by authoritarianism and nationalism. Moreover, this is why I shall be in Italy next week, first of all attending the Med Group meeting, then at a bilateral meeting! The most recent former prime minister to die was Bob Hawke, on 16 May 2019. As you have understood, this European commitment will continue to nurture our diplomatic activity, insofar as it is inextricable from that activity and from our daily work at national level. And they are free to remain in this 27-strong Europe! But this also gives us a duty, to make fresh proposals for Europe and to put a stop to this 12-year hiatus in which France said “no” and then no longer really dared say any more. Europe can only have a rapid, fully integrated response worthy of the name if we bring to completion – this is one of the goals of the coming six months for me – the seven texts that are currently being discussed. I am thinking especially, at the moment, of what we are currently experiencing in Corsica, to which I send the whole nation’s solidarity – and which shows the importance of constantly having civil protection forces and pooled equipment available to us. President's Day Top Events and Things to Do. It allowed us to carry out regular controls; the IAEA is carrying out meticulous controls in Iran which have been further intensified at our request, particularly at academic sites. Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia with his wife, Jenny, and daughters after being sworn in on Friday. Therefore, the work that we have begun with all our partners and all those who are prepared to commit to this fight needs to be extremely structured, as this fight also involves monitoring financial platforms and forging partnerships with banking and financial actors that enable such trade. This applies internally, where we will continue to work to bolster our country, its ability to innovate, create jobs, create momentum, give our citizens the possibility to act once again by removing the barriers that have hindered us for too long. For we must not lie to ourselves: the future of the world’s youngest continent is at play, as is our own future because we are tied together by unbreakable bonds. > French Diplomacy > President sets out foreign policy goals for 2018. To achieve this, we must rigorously and swiftly apply the Algiers Agreement, and I welcome the decisions announced at the end of last year by President Keita in Mali. And we shall therefore have several centenaries to celebrate. The position also has responsibilities relating to the administration of the Senate and the management of Parliament House. Today, many temptations exist for unilateral visions to re-emerge. Indeed, these deep-rooted changes are also happening on an international level, where France will play a full role in this new year, in a world whose references and benchmarks have changed significantly and where we must consistently question our diplomatic certainties. The European innovation agency and the European intelligence academy are both projects that will make progress in the coming months. UNESCO has been through turbulent times over the last few years due to games of influence and power, and decisions made. That is the objective of the citizen consultations I proposed during our campaign, for which I submitted a guidance document to all our partners in December, which President Tusk is consulting on at this very moment and which will lead us, I hope, to organize these citizen consultations in as many countries as possible. le 04/05/2018 à 14:16; ... a été élu vendredi 4 mai président de la Conférence des évêques d’Australie. We must also achieve peace in Syria and this will require intensive work from some of us. Because we must no longer tell our people that Europe is a process which is going ahead in spite of them and which will inevitably lead to their rights being eroded! Ultimately, this was one of the core messages of Brexit! There is the Europe of Schengen, there is the Europe of the Euro Area… I am committed to the unity of the 27 member states! « Le pape François montre la voie aux conférences épiscopales à travers le monde, et je me tourne vers son “leadership” pour guider, et inspirer le mien en Australie », a encore avancé, vendredi 4 mai, Mgr Coleridge. Succédant à Mgr Denis Hart, archevêque de Melbourne, qui occupait ce poste depuis six ans, il devra notamment réagir et communiquer, ces prochaines semaines, sur le procès du cardinal George Pell, préfet du Secrétariat pour l’économie – actuellement en disponibilité pour faire face, justement, à des accusations d’abus sexuels – et ancien archevêque de Sydney. [8], Presiding officers of Australian legislatures, COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT - SECT 17, Senate Briefs: No. Australian Labor Party ‹See Tfd› Il a notamment reconnu publiquement à plusieurs reprises les failles de l’institution, en dénonçant son « manque de transparence », et a été entendu à plusieurs reprises dans le cadre des investigations de la Commission royale d’enquête sur les abus sexuels du pays. So, Ambassadors, these are the aims around which France proposes to organize, together with you, the international community and, more modestly, its foreign policy. They should enable common protection of borders, harmonization of our asylum laws, common management, and improvement of the defects of the so-called “Dublin system” that are now clearly visible and identified. At the end of last year, we worked to enable Prime Minister Abadi to build a stable state and calm the situation in his country, particularly with the Kurdish party, before the forthcoming elections. Indeed, what better time to bring out the full value of our European Union than this new year 2018 when we are meeting? So we will actively continue to seek a political solution which brings an end to North Korea’s provocations and paves the way for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. It’s true that we had political victories in our countries, we were satisfied with ourselves.   Liberal Party of Australia ‹See Tfd› But Daesh, like al-Qaeda, like al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and like Boko Haram, is also a global propaganda enterprise working over the Internet. Alors que l’Église australienne traverse une profonde crise, liée à la révélation ces dernières années de plusieurs affaires d’abus sexuels mettant en cause des membres du clergé – y compris au plus haut niveau –, Mgr Mark Coleridge, archevêque de Brisbane, à l’est du pays, a été élu vendredi 4 mai président de la Conférence des évêques d’Australie. As regards host countries, and therefore Europe, we will also have to continue our efforts and move forward on the European timetable in this area. We will also continue the work in partnership with the African Union that was decided in Abidjan. What has been achieved over recent months is far from simple, it is the result of collective and unabating efforts from those whose job it was to achieve justice. This is also what helped us initiate reform of the trade policy, with mechanisms enabling fair reciprocity. Robert Menzies served the longest, over eighteen years. Several prime ministers belonged to parties other than those given and represented other electorates before and after their time in office. The current convention is that presidents are elected from the party or coalition which forms government. Firstly, because even if we beat Daesh and if, as I hope, we achieve victory in the next few weeks, we must achieve peace in the Levant to avoid the resurgence of any such force. The last common good that I wish to mention today is one of the bases of this multilateralism that we need to defend, rethink and support. Justice should also constantly push us not to give in to fate or any higher law, and to consistently maintain this plural view which feeds our diplomacy. I would like to commend the work in recent months of the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr Ghassan Salamé, who has done great work, precisely, to draw up a common road map. Commitments, both short and long term, create trust and achieve results. We are implementing reforms just as we have explained to the people of France, and just as the people wanted them. Go shopping for a car. It is partly voluntary and will be conducted in UN forums and within the G7. It is with this wish for collective, sustained and determined action that I would like to draw my speech to a close without forgetting to wish you, Ambassadors and your families, and the nations and organizations which you represent and serve every day, all the best for a successful and prosperous 2018. And on that very occasion, I would like us to have a great meeting, because this period, this centenary, must also illuminate our present and the moral demands it places on us. In all areas where we are involved, in conflict zones, we aim to ensure that we work in coherence and within the framework of the diplomatic road map, because no military solution can become a spontaneous success if it does not follow this central tenet. It is now essential that we use gradual pressure to reopen all discussion channels with North Korea and that we return to the normalized and supervised process which has been defined. Nominations, démissions, décès… du 19 au 25 septembre 2020, Collège épiscopal du 29 août au 4 septembre, © 2020 - Bayard Presse - Tous droits réservés - est un site de la Croix Network. Technically, the prime minister serves by way of what is known as a commission from the Governor-General of Australia. In contrast to this vision I want to propose an international policy that is determined, open, engaged and based on partnership. We will make a joint declaration on 22 January that will enable us to open up opportunities for the bilateral relationship and for our ambition, and for this desire – as I announced in the Sorbonne speech – to recreate, in a way, an Élysée Treaty framework and open up new opportunities on the day of the 55th anniversary, which must not be a mere commemoration but should reconnect with that simple and effective ambition we share. Europe does not exist once every quarter through declarations approved today by the 28-member Council. This work involves changing our approach. And overcoming a kind of binary relationship with Europe, whereby people ask whether it is yes or no through technocratic channels and ultra-technical debates! As you know, the normal strategy in France has been to do things with Germany and then, when it begins to fail, do things with Italy or with Spain, and play on triangles of jealousy. This is where France comes in, both to speed up ordnance clearance operations and help stabilize the country, all of which will help progress towards free elections and which, in accordance with the Iraqi constitution, will provide an inclusive political solution and sustainable stability for the country. We are going to deprive them of this access through upcoming military victories. Europe is simple in this regard: if France and Germany do not reach agreement, it does not move forward. The Hon Scott Morrison MP was sworn in as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia on 24 August 2018. Recent history has taught us that we sometimes think that victory against a given power will resolve all of our problems. COP24 is an essential stage and we must make sure that it is a success, it must provide new progress following the important work carried out by Fiji this year. And on this level, on these issues of security, culture and the economy, I would like us to really strengthen our Mediterranean and African strategy, and I know several of you here are committed to this battle, and I thank you, and we shall continue to fight it during 2018. These two theatres of today’s conflict will be the theatres of tomorrow’s intense diplomatic and political work and will be decisive for the peace of the region and our collective security. That too marks the end of European naivety! Visit Mt. That is the course I want to set for our diplomacy: to build peace by combating the causes of insecurity and instability. No community functions that way. We will have an opportunity to work on them during many international meetings including the G7 and G20 under the presidencies of Canada and Argentina, which I wish every success. The end of last year saw us hold an important meeting at La Celle-Saint-Cloud, bringing together traditional contributors but also the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. What power do we want to give it? "Avec ses mots, l'offensive de charme du président Emmanuel Macron a fait un fiasco en Australie" explique le HuffPost. I want a Europe which is ambitious as regards trade, but also one which has regard for its workers, its businesses, its own interests, and is committed to reciprocity. Macron en Australie le 1er mai : "Quand on est président de la République, il n'y a pas de jour férié" 14h40, le 01 mai 2018 , modifié à 15h01, le 01 mai 2018 A It must be determined in the country, at the heart of civil society. There is a union of 28 unique countries. I have started working on this, and I shall continue. I know just how much importance the Minister for the Armed Forces, present here today, gives to this. Naturally, this raises concerns among all neighbouring powers and would be in breach of its commitments. Iran is currently experiencing a crisis, which is the free expression of the people of Iran. And in the coming weeks and months, I would like us to clearly set out shared desires and themes. And on this, France is fully aware – and with it Europe, I believe – that it must regain its full role in its security for neighbourhood policies in the Middle East and Africa, and must rethink the terms of its Mediterranean and African partnership. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? The position is not provided for by the constitution, but instead by the Senate's standing orders – it was borrowed more or less directly from the colonial legislative councils. Section 17 of the Constitution of Australia provides:[1]. We have seen our first military successes against Daesh [so-called ISIL] in the Levant, which led to the Iraqi Prime Minister declaring victory in December last year, and which, I hope, in several weeks’ time, will enable us to declare a military victory over Daesh in Syria. That is why, once again in the Sahel region, as we helped establish the G5 Sahel Joint Force in July last year, we also launched the Alliance for the Sahel, which helps structure development assistance along with several partners, including Germany, the European Union, the World Bank and a number of others. Home It was a regrettable message, but I respect it. No other world power has had the same approach as Europe in terms of trade. We signed it, for the powers which were around the table. The nation does have a prime minister. But while six months ago, 11 states issued the Commission with a “yellow card” as it sought less substantive reform than we finally achieved, I have seen that by remaining determined, we have succeeded in effecting genuine change that does not undermine the free movement of workers in the European Union, but which corrects ambiguities, misunderstandings and means of circumventing our own common rules which had resulted in a dysfunctional Europe. I would therefore like to welcome the election of its new Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, as well as your support in promoting UNESCO in the coming months. Each one must be involved; in each state, France must be present, influential and ambitious. A cultural policy is also needed, to build a positive feeling and perception in each of these countries, something which is essential to retain young people and ensure them a future. The senate president is the chief executive of the Department of the Senate, which is one of the four parliamentary departments. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! The Clerk conducts the election. This is why I want us to have a stronger strategy in this regard, a strategy without complexes which is fully in line with multilingualism, because Francophony is not just about a language which gets stronger as it absorbs other languages in its wake, it is built through and by translation, translation and dialogue of cultures and the ability to move from official language to vernacular language, from spoken to written language in this subtle dialogue to which Africa has found the key but which also runs through the Pacific and the Caribbean. Today we are witnessing a crisis of globalization; that is what we are currently experiencing, a crisis of contemporary capitalism, which has been unable to regulate its own excesses and which is creating intolerable economic and social inequalities and intolerable inequalities in terms of the climate. Thirty people have served as Prime Minister of Australia since the office was created in 1901.. A strong and sovereign Europe is one of the best ways to ensure this, and one of the prerequisites if we are to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Otherwise, what credibility would we have when telling a given power which has forgotten its duties that it must get back on track? And I shall not go back on what I said in the first part of my speech; defending our collective security by military and diplomatic means is a matter of our credibility, it prevents us from leaving credibility to the strongest, but it also means the multilateral system is never that of the strongest; it is about restoring strength to international law and multilateralism. Work for the climate must continue to be at the forefront of our involvement and our defence of multilateralism. The success of the negotiations on posted workers, the banking authority in Paris and European mobilization for the climate all demonstrate that we can make progress and succeed, and that France need no longer be ashamed of Europe. But in each and every case I am also dedicated to ensuring that justice is guaranteed and that pluralism is respected. Admission is free on President's Day. In the next two months we are going to draw up the financial trajectory which will provide credibility and detail for this commitment but also the method which I want us to reconsider, which will enable this commitment to be more effective. No, which is why I want it to be supplemented through several other actions, which brings me to my second point: Iranian ballistic activity.

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