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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 Promo Killing Mr. Honey (2020) Season Finale. Betty ultimately put a stop to their relationship before it started, but is that door really closed for good?The answer is no. So they were basically in very different places about it, and I think we’re going to play that. May 6 2020, 5:59 PM PDT. So what we’re doing is picking up right where we left off for the first three episodes. Since we are cutting the season short, maybe the best thing to do is end with [Episode] 19, which is a really strong, fun episode, and then come back and have prom as our season premiere next season.” So we made that decision, and I’m feeling good about it. In case you want to know what happens in ‘Riverdale’ season 4 finale, keep reading! However, episode 19 will serve as the finale of the fourth season. In real life, they discovered Honey manufactured a fake video from the voyeur and got him fired because of it, but he insisted he was just trying to keep his students safe. Riverdale, like many shows, will be ending this season prematurely after production was shut down due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. Riverdale 4x19 "Killing Mr. Honey" Season 4 Episode 19 Promo (Season Finale) - MADCHEN AMICK DIRECTS THE EPISODE — After receiving a letter from the University of Iowa asking him to submit a story, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) works on a twisted tale about the gang’s revenge fantasy against Principal Honey (guest star Kerr Smith) for all the ways he’s ruined their senior year. And it was certainly eventful: After Principal Honey pushed the teens too far by threatening to cancel prom, Jughead penned a short story about them taking deadly revenge on him. But it has a fun cliffhanger! In the finale, we can expect the gang to bash their principal, till he is all black and blue. Honey.' ‘Riverdale’ is also available as a VOD service on YouTube TV. Riverdale's Madchen Amick Talks Directing Season 4's Early Finale, Promises 'A Really Good Cliffhanger' Log in. The next episode is Riverdale season 4, episode 17, titled "Wicked Little Town." That means episode 19, which aired Wednesday night, now serves as the season 4 finale, and in that hour, the students of Riverdale High took down … 'RIverdale' star Madchen Amick (Alice) talks directing the episode that became the Season 4 finale — and the future of F.P. So no, we haven’t seen the end of that story by a long shot. Riverdale season 4 episode 19 release date: When does finale air? 'Riverdale' Season 4 will end after Episode 19 The CW. Riverdale’s latest episode, which is basically season 4 finale is going to release soon. turn the boxing gym into a community centre where young kids can train and hang out after school. Cheryl’s blood runs cold, and she rushes to Jug and Betty for help when someone sends her a startling video of a person getting shot in the head, wearing the Jason Blossom mask. The Riverdale season 4 finale, "Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. Honey", left off with a cliffhanger that certainly felt incomplete; this is incredibly accurate, since season 4 isn't actually finished. And frankly speaking, I am not surprised. We'll still do it, but you'll have to now wait for S5 instead of S4. Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) wasn’t in the season four finale, but fans will get to know her a bit better on the next season. And honestly, though we’d shot the prom, which was amazing spectacle and had great emotional stuff, there were so many scenes between Betty and Jughead, and Archie and Veronica, which we hadn’t shot, that it felt like, “Let’s let that episode be.” And then I saw the cut of Episode 19, which I loved. Foto: Vanessa Morgan on season four, episode 18 of “Riverdale.” I think coming out of last week’s episode, it was clear that, whatever had happened with Archie, Betty was reinvesting in her relationship with Jughead, and Archie was sort of more lost and confused than ever. Wednesday’s finale was originally slated as the 19th episode of Season 4, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it ended up becoming the season finale. Since this is technically the end of Season 4, is this the last we’ll see of them, or will they be back for those three episodes?No, they’ll be back for those. After being with the kids at the high school for four years, you kind of don’t want to take graduation away from them. was going to do. Alright, Riverdale fans, it’s your turn: Give tonight’s Season 4 finale a grade in our poll, and then grab a a booth in the comments below to share your thoughts. TVLINE | This season’s Archie and Betty scenes set off such a frenzy within the fandom. TVLINE | We’ve reported that Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols are leaving the show at the end of the season. You can also purchase the episodes on Amazon Prime. Riverdale season 4 returns with new episodes on Wednesday, April 15. — Ted Sullivan (@karterhol) April 18, 2020. And it had a really shocking, gruesome cliffhanger, which really took the videotape mystery to the next level. Get Surfshark VPN at https://Surfshark.deals/alexmeyers - Enter promo code ALEXMEYERS for 85% off and 3 extra months for free! Riverdale fans won't have to wait as long as they may have thought for the show's Season 4 finale. Honestly, with these guys, anything is possible. But then they received the voyeur’s latest video: a macabre depiction of the teens stabbing Honey to death, mirroring the events of Jughead’s fictional tale. The CW confirmed to TV Guide Season 4’s final episode would be Episode 19, titled “Killing Mr. Honey.” It will air on May 6 at 8 p.m. EST. 0:31. Season 4 was initially meant to have 22 episodes but will be a couple of events short. Search. TV Shows Promos. Riverdale season four's finale will air on US channel The CW tonight, Wednesday, May 6, at 8pm ET (Eastern Time). TVLine chatted with Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who detailed the thought process behind ending Season 4 on that “shocking, gruesome” cliffhanger and also gave us a sneak peek at what we can expect at the beginning of Season 5. The final episode, i.e., ‘Riverdale’ season 4 episode 19 will release on May 6, 2020, at 8 pm ET on CW. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. Still, Riverdale fans were left asking: Where’s prom? reserved.PMC Entertainment. Preview of 'Riverdale' season 4 episode 19 (the season finale) with photos, cast list, plot details and trailer. Dave Nemetz / But definitely, there are major, major repercussions for what Betty and Archie did that go down at prom, in true teen drama fashion. ‘Riverdale’ season 4 follows the core-four as they try to solve the mystery of the creepy videotapes, featuring grotesque content that reflects their real lives, while also dealing with their inner demons. S4 is unfortunately now shorter, ending w 419 (which I wrote with James DeWille & directed by @madchenamick). Jughead finds shreds of evidence that link Ethel to the supply of the bizarre tapes. ET on The CW. In the latest episode, titled, ‘Lynchian,’ Betty and Archie end their forbidden relationship (or whatever). Current Episode (aired 31 Mar. The fun thing about [Episode] 19 is all of the kids are in the story together, which is very rare for us. Two Kings. You can also catch the show on CW’s official website and even on the CW app. Spoilers for 'Riverdale' Season 4 Episode 19 'Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. Honey' In this episode, the directorial debut of Mädchen Amick, who portrays Alice Smith in 'Riverdale' we see the twisted minds of the gang revealed through a revenge fantasy story of 'Killing Mr. Riverdale season 4 theories: Series to end with shock musical twist RIVERDALE season four is currently testing fans' patience, with another episode not on the way for an additional two weeks. Don’t worry… they’re coming. Watch fullscreen. Picture: The CW - Archie and Mad Dog (whose real name is apparently Monroe?!?!?) Honestly. Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Riverdale season finale. More like this The 'Riverdale' Season 5, Episode 10 Promo Teases A Jughead-Tabitha Moment TVLINE | This week’s episode ends up being the season finale, even though it wasn’t written as such. RIVERALE season 4 aired its finale this week albeit an early finish due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing the show to shut up show sooner than planned. So I thought, “You know what? All rights If you live outside of the US, you can watch all the episodes of the show on Netflix, a day after its CW premiere, i.e. Here’s a tweet from one of the writers, Ted Sullivan, confirming the same. Granted, the finale we just watched wasn’t the original Riverdale season 4 finale. After some local hooligans from a rival business, Moonshiners, thrash Cheryl, and Veronica’s Maple Club, Cheryl decides to cut her ties from the venture. Here’s WTF happened. But how far will they go to get even with the perpetrator? - Our first look at the Halloween episode has arrived too. I don’t think Skeet knew yet what F.P. Riverdale Season 4 has now come to an end three episodes early, with Season 4, Episode 19 ("Killing Mr. Honey") acting as the season finale of The CW show. Did you discuss any other options for ending the season, like adding narration or footage from Episode 20?We had shot about half or two-thirds of Episode 20, which was our senior prom episode. Season 4 | Season 5 » See also. Riverdale season 4 final trailer teases romance and even more drama. Everyone Came Together to Fight the Prom Cancellation on the "Riverdale" Season 4 Finale. are being killed. Was the season 4 finale one of ‘Riverdale”s craziest episodes? Also, before everything goes down, we might get to see the fierce and fearless Moms of the students, storming into Riverdale High to support their children against Mr. Honey’s unacceptable behavior. While preparing for the school's Parent-Teacher night, Archie is caught off guard when his former Army General shows up in Riverdale with some unexpected news. On a basic level, Veronica and Jughead don’t know anything that happened in the bunker or in Archie’s garage, so there’s still absolutely that to play. Indeed, Jughead found out that Honey wrote him a warm letter of recommendation to the University of Iowa’s writing program, and Honey took over as Stonewall Prep’s new headmaster. But … Therefore, the gang can demonstrate their revenge fantasy using Principal Honey as the subject. When this all went down, I reached out to all of the cast, and I reached out to Marisol and Skeet and said that we haven’t finished those stories, and we want to make sure that you guys have great sendoffs. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Season Finale Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer series. Not literally tho, Jughead might be asked by the University of Iowa to submit an intense and thrilling story. The pandemic derailed production & there was a heavy Toni ep coming up. Season 4 Finale Release Date. The episode title is “Killing Mr. Honey”. Riverdale boss talks season 4 finale, says season 5 will open with prom Mädchen Amick teases Riverdale directorial debut, and what she learned from David Lynch Riverdale … TVLINE | Speaking of prom, there were a few things like that and graduation that we were expecting to see at the end of this season. It had a really fun conceit that made it feel special, which is the story that Jughead is writing. So when we shut down, the first thing I did was I looked at all the footage from Episode 20 to see if we could cobble together a finale from that, or if we could steal footage. The upcoming episode has been titled ‘Killing Mr. Honey.’. So my hope is that they are a part of Riverdale in a real way as long as there’s a Riverdale. Library. Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie … Alright, Riverdale fans, it’s your turn: Give tonight’s Season 4 finale a grade in our poll, and then grab a a booth in the comments below to share your thoughts. Riverdale Recap: Bedtime for 'Barchie'? TV Schedule. For those living in central America, Riverdale will … Mr. Honey has always been a thorn in their side since the day he set foot in Riverdale High. By Jughead finds shreds of evidence that link Ethel […] Will their vengeance consume them, causing them to hurt Mr. Honey to the point of no return? But just like the rest of the country, Riverdale High’s seniors are going to have to wait a little longer before their … In [Episode] 19, because it’s such a fun episode and there’s a conceit in the story, it’s sort of status quo between the four of them. With episode 19 serving as "Riverdale" season 4 finale, the show falls short of three episodes of the original 22-episode order. © 2021 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Killing Mr Honey airs May 6, 2020. In the latest episode, titled, ‘Lynchian,’ Betty and Archie end their forbidden relationship (or whatever). RELATED STORIES A finale that was never supposed to be a finale, “Killing Mr. Honey” leaves us on a confusing cliffhanger, and without the prom we were promised. 2021) Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man. The truth of it is, and this isn’t a spoiler, but neither Hermione nor F.P. Sign up. In the Riverdale season 4 finale episode, titled "Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. Honey," Jughead (Cole Sprouse) receives a letter from the University of Iowa asking him to submit a story. The trailer of Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 pretty much explained the plot, however, … The episode will serve as the show's Season 4 finale, after production on the series was shut down last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though Riverdale Season 4 ending early is bad news for fans, it is good news for U.S. viewers who watch the show on Netflix. It's currently unclear when the final episodes will air: the season's 17th episode is scheduled to air on Apr. 1. She directs Jug and Charles to a shady video parlor called Scarlet Suite, where they find many dark videos, including the death video of Jason. and Alice. Teaser Trailer. FBI confiscates all the materials and seals the store. We’ve definitely not seen the last of that story. every Thursday. In the episode, Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Reggie will map out a plan to kill Principal Honey. I think Marisol knew what Hermione was going to do. The makeshift finale has been directed by Madchen Amick, who plays the fan-favorite character of Alice Cooper. You can watch ‘Riverdale’ season 4 episode 19 by tuning to CW at the above-mentioned time. Plus, he addresses Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols’ departures from the show — and promises we haven’t seen the last of the Archie-Betty-Jughead love triangle. Riverdale wrapped up Season 4 by adding another twist to the videotape voyeur mystery… but we were left thinking about what we didn’t get to see. Season 4 was originally planned to have 22 episodes, but since production had to be suspended after one of the members was diagnosed with the coronavirus symptoms, the makers could only manage to shoot 20 episodes. As countries around the world maintain social distancing practices, the coronavirus pandemic has … Killing Eve 3x08 Promo -Are You Leading or Am I-- (HD) Season Finale - Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer series. Television Academy Unveils Inaugural College Television Summit…, Triller to Launch NFT Marketplace, Starting With Unique Jake…, Visual Effects Surprise Oscar Nominations Make This Race Too…, Cuisinart's Wireless Blender is Perfect for an On-The-Go…, Copyright © 2021 TVLine Media, LLC. ‘Riverdale’ season 4 follows the core-four as they try to solve the mystery of the creepy videotapes, featuring grotesque content that reflects their real lives, while also dealing with their inner demons. Reggie gets involved in Kevin and Fangs’ tickle business, but someone informs Principal Honey, and he orders them to shut it down.

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