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While that lifestyle might have earned him his first car – a '47 Studebaker – he also worked as a part-time shop assistant at a toy store. Still not sure what he wanted to do with his life, Jack would earn his living through dodgy forms, like playing the horses or shooting pool. Five Easy Pieces is a 1970 American drama film directed by Bob Rafelson, written by Carole Eastman (as Adrien Joyce) and Rafelson, and starring Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Susan Anspach, Lois Smith, and Ralph Waite.The film tells the story of surly oil rig worker Bobby Dupea, whose rootless blue-collar existence belies his privileged youth as a piano prodigy. Nicholson first came to Hollywood in 1954, when he was seventeen, to visit his sister. It wasn't until 1969 when Jack would finally make his breakthrough as George Hanson in the classic film "Easy Rider." Shorty had no idea what Nicholson was talking about, so he asked his wife. AKA John Joseph Nicholson. Jack Nicholson grew up accepting that his mother was really his sister. Your email address will not be published. Jack Nicholson followed up ... journalist called and informed Nicholson that the woman he thought was his mother all his life was actually his sister. In Patrick McGilligan’s biography "Jack's Life", Jack wrote that Shorty was the first person he approached with the groundbreaking news. Although the career came almost by accident for Jack, he came to love it with a deep passion. In episode two of FMTV's Movie Myth's, Oliver Davis reveals the truth behind actor Jack Nicholson's dark, Eastenders-style family secret. He was raised by John and Ethel May Nicholson. “A guy calls me on the phone, and says that my father is still alive, and that Ethel May wasn’t really my mother, that June was my mother.”. From then on, it was stardom and fame for the up-and-coming actor. Time magazine researchers discovered, and told him, that his sister, June, was actually his mother. However, as unexpected turn of events, Nicholson discovered that Ethel was not his biological mother. Therefore, the actor grew up under the guidance of Ethel, his mother, and his sister, June, and Lorraine. This made Ethel his grandmother and “sister” Lorraine his aunt. Someone working at Time Magazine called Jack up to verify some facts that would be in the article; among these, was the fact that the … It’s done great things for me.”. June Nicholson, whom Jack grew up believing was his sister, who was 17-years his senior, was a showgirl and aspiring actor. He had two sisters, Lorraine and June Frances Nicholson. He discovered the truth in 1975 from a Time magazine … The reporter revealed that Jack was actually the son of his supposed sister June. My Sister, My Daughter: Behind the Scenes of a Great American Film Jack Nicholson as J.J. Gittes. "That, believe me, is as good a father as anybody’s ever going to get or need. The neighborhood idolized all of them. In 1974, the mystery of the actor's birth came to light. To avoid the shame a child out of wedlock would bring the family, Ethel May raised Jack as her own, pretending June was his much older sister. Shocked by the information, he requested the publication not to write about what they had found. Jack McCoy quotes the famous, "She's my sister she's my daughter" line and Connie Rubirosa says, "Chinatown. June had been seventeen years old and unmarried when she gave birth to Jack. I was Sandra who left Nicholson as she didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that Jack’s popularity was increasing day by day. During this period, Beatty interviewed actors to star in his ensemble cast. At first, Shorty brushed off the claims as ridiculous and denied it all. Nicholson was born in 1937 in Neptune, N.J. June was only 18 at the time of Jack’s birth, and had aspirations of stardom. That showed too. However, it didn't take long before he finally passed the phone to his wife to tell Jack the truth. She marched right through it. In 1974, however, a reporter for TIME magazine discovered something surprising. Nicholson’s mother was actually June, the woman he believed was his sister. The iconic actor Jack Nicholson found out that his sister was actually his biological mom. "Simple guy, but many is the poem I’ve written in my mind to the higher feelings he promoted in me — which he would have no ability whatsoever to articulate. Sound confusing? Jack Nicholson was married to Sandra Knight who is a writer, painter, and actress. At the time, the film "Chinatown" was about to hit theaters, and Time magazine was working on a feature in honor of the talented actor. Ray’s father and mother. It is. This is when Nicholson found out that June was his biological mother, and Ethel was actually his maternal grandmother. Due to having issues with alcohol, the marriage between Ethel and John did not turn out quite well as they expected, leaving Ethel all the responsibility of raising three kids, Jack and his sisters, June and Lorraine. In 1974, which was over a decade after his sister June died of cancer, a TIME magazine reporter reached out to the actor to verify some facts for a cover story. Nicholson had spent his life up to age 37 assuming that his biological mother, June, was his sister, and that his maternal grandmother, Ethel May, was his mother. Required fields are marked *. I certainly didn't want to be a lawyer or a bookkeeper. If I sat down with Shorty in the spirit world or something and said, 'Look, Shorty, here’s what you really mean, as a prince of the world,' he’d look at me like I was talking a foreign language," Jack added. Take a stand and fight for your liberty! He’s actually a savvy businessman. Nicholson grew up along with his biological sister Lorraine Nicholson, born on April 16, 1990.The Brown University graduate Lorraine is also an actress who came into the limelight following her role in the biographical drama film Soul Surfer. Jack Nicholson, one of the greatest actors in Hollywood, was devasted to learn of a truth that changed his whole world. Nicholson is also notable for being one of two actors - the other being Michael Caine - who have received Oscar nomination in every decade from the 1960s through the early 2000s. At the age of 37, Nicholson learned that the woman he thought was his sister actually turned out to be his own mother. June was only a teenager when she became pregnant, out of wedlock nonetheless, and in the middle of the great depression. June had been seventeen years old and unmarried when she gave birth to Jack. Source: Instagram. Were you shocked to find out Jack Nicholson's family's dark secret? It was never confirmed whether Don Furcillo-Rose was really Jack's father, but he didn't really care to find out. Ethel and John, on the other hand, were his grandparents and their daughter Lorraine his aunt. Jack Nicholson. In it, he portrayed a young teenager who becomes an outlaw after shooting somebody in self-defense. His grandparents were gone as well. Your health is important to us. The reporter revealed that Jack was actually the son of his supposed sister June. The individuals Jack believed to be his real parents were named John and Ethel May Nicholson. These were the people that raised him alongside his supposed sister June Nicholson. However, years later, Nicholson realized his reality was not as accurate as he thought it was. Nicholson found out when he was 37 years old. Jack Nicholson's Life Turned Upside Down When He Learned His Family's Secret — His "Sister" Was His Biological Mom He was 37 years old when he found out about … Right before its publication, the researchers called Jack to confirm the details of what they had found; his mother, they claimed, was actually his sister June. Ethel was left with the responsibility of looking after Nicholson. To avoid the shame a child out … "People start poking around in your private life, and the next thing you know your sister is actually your mother.". Unfortunately, when he found out, both June and Ethel had already passed away. Nice, Jack." Along with Clapton and Jack Nicholson, Ted Bundy was another famous person to have grown up thinking his mother was his sister. Ethel and John also had another daughter, Lorraine, whom Jack thought was his sister as well. According to Biography, June was 17 when she gave birth to Jack. Here we discuss Jack Nicholson’s father, mother, sister, and brothers’ detail. But nobody ever bothered to explain this to young Jack. In 1974 he discovered his mother, Ethel May Nicholson, wasn’t who she said she was. His father is unknown. John, who Jack that was his father, worked as a window dresser at a department store. After the ugly divorce, the Oscar-winning actor was devasted. And the people he thought to be his parents were actually his grandparents. Jack's earlier years were quiet and predominantly uneventful. Lorraine is one of Jack's five children, the other four being half-siblings Jennifer Nicholson, Honey Hollman, Caleb Goddard, and Ray Nicholson. He met with Andrew Garfield, Alec Baldwin, Owen Wilson, Justin Timberlake, Shia LaBeouf, He had two sisters, Lorraine and June Frances Nicholson. Jack Nicholson's Life Turned Upside Down When He Learned His Family's Secret — His "Sister" Was His Biological Mom He was 37 years old when he found out about … “Jack, who was there almost every day, couldn’t get enough of it,” re­veals Eliot. In 1974, Jack Nicholson’s movie Chinatown was opening in theaters and Time Magazine chose to do a cover story on him. Today I found out that the woman Jack Nicholson thought was his sister for a good portion of his life, turned out to be his mother. His grandmother's husband was an alcoholic who was seldom around, but Jack would turn to his aunt's husband 'Shorty' as a father figure. As a matter of fact, it made quite a few things clearer to me. While accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 56th Golden Globe Awards, he recalled that his first day as a working actor was May 5, 1955, which he considered lucky, as "5" was the jersey number of his boyhoo… He then began working as an assistant at MGM Studios's animation department, where he met William Hanna and Joseph Barbera – the creators of the Tom & Jerry cartoons. That's where Jack's connections, Hanna and Barbera, came in: thanks to their influence in the industry, the two managed to bag a theater apprenticeship at The Players Ring in Hollywood. All Rights Reserved. "There's a little bit of me, I suppose, in every part I play. Shorty hung up and called back with his wife Lorraine on the phone who had been “crying all night.”, In an interview about the situation with Rolling Stone, Nicholson said “both grandmother and mother were deceased before this particular group of facts came to my attention.

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